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Attention shoppers! The sequel to everyone’s favorite sexy scavenger hunt game is here! Can you save a dying mall by making a pin-up calendar? Explore a dying mall and interact with a quirky cast of character as you once again set out to save the world with the power of pin-up photography!

- Explore a sprawling, dying mall.
- Meet a cast of goofy characters.
- 10 beautiful pin-up illustrations drawn by the very talented Raf.
- Soundtrack consisting of remixed mall muzak.
- Minigames galore!

This is a rather short game that will roughly take an hour to complete. Please keep that in mind before you buy.

AuthorStudio Gamaii
TagsAnime, Erotic


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Foto Flash 2 1.0.2.zip 119 MB

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I would like to buy this, but I don't want to have it on my steam account.  Is the zip file shown separate from the steam key?

Any troubleshooting tips? I can’t get the inventory to open, I can’t give anyone their items, and I can't get a save or exit menu to show up. Tried reinstalling but it hasn’t helped. 

Alright so I can't open the inventory or exit the game in both Foto Flash 2 and Foto Flash. So I must have installed something between playing the two games is preventing me from playing.

Very very sorry for the late reply. That's very strange! I don't know how I would go about replicating that kind of bug. Does the game start up normally? Can you access the menu, or is it only the inventory that's the issue?

I couldn't open the menu and had tab out of the game to close it. Fortunately I was able to fix it a few hours ago. Unfortunately I'm not exactly sure what I did to fix it. Part of the problem was that I forgot what key opened the menu and couldn't find any documentation or game manual. So every time I tried the game again I would just run my hand over the keyboard in frustration. So I don't definitively know if I was hitting the enter key in every test. 

Among the things I did was reinstall my video card drivers, uninstalled Camtasia (which has screen capturing functionality that can affect Windows), and uninstalled a bunch of questionable Steam games that could have been poorly implemented. Also I could have not been hitting the enter key the entire time. 

So take all that as you will. I love the game. I'll spend $4 for that every day of the week. Please make another. 

Having trouble with figuring out what to do with the fishing rod, care to help?


Absolutely! Here's a clue. Find a place where you might find fish. It's in one of the stores.

Will we get a Steam key later when/if it makes it to Steam?


Yes absolutely! We'll be adding Steam keys tomorrow as soon as we get them.

Bought! Thanks for replying.